Best Album of the Year, Future Legend Part-2?

Future Legend Part-2 is yet another masterpiece from NJ Gift, who continues to amaze audiences with his music. A must listen if you’re a fan of real bars mixed with straight eastcoast swagger, gritty lyrics tucked below the beats, and tracks that take you into Gift’s mind while he paints lyrics with continuous fire pushing to new levels. The 12-track EP is filled with killer tracks like “Their Hero,” “Red Sox,” and “Below,” with other burners like “Push That Knife.” and “Danger.”

A perfect fusion of golden age hiphop principles with modern melodies, Gift creates an album with worldwide fans buzzing with statements like, “True lyricists are back, and taking vengeance on the industry.” Since he has been bodying tracks for more than a decade, such talent deserves respect. “Gift” is determined to climb to the top of hiphop’s majesty, and he won’t stop until he has taken possession of that crown. Through Future Legend Part-2, he has shown that his hard work has resulted in a short distance to the finish line. This legendary EP has already received offers from labels for unreleased tracks and collaborations.

With the overwhelming outpouring of support from fans and labels, NJ Gift has been working hard on the second part of Future Legend for the past 8 months, formulating each track with several producers to perfection, before the release this summer. With his unique fingerprint, Gift is cutting through the large wave of mundane music to mystify fans with the true essence of music and artistry. Every track is like a 45-caliber, then reloads to bust off again. Possibly one of the top 5 hiphop albums of the year, Gift is more motivated than ever and feels in the zone to fulfill his lifelong dream to push past gatekeepers and so-called industry experts who doubted his skills from the time he picked the mic. A dream is just a dream without action, pushing through 2-a-day sessions, recording tracks 50 or more times until it is perfected, is not luck, but pure determination that led gift to this point.

Gift wants the world to know this is the beginning of a takeover. Despite the top-rated album reviews, NJ Gift is more focused on the  love and support of monthly listeners who have been down with him from day one. To him he is riding for those he loved and lost, those that are not here to represent themselves and that is the banner he carries forward on each and every project. Gift explains that, “ I am a king of this game, and anyone that does not think that, will soon take a knee, because this will not stop.” Great words from an emcee that had previously been counted out, leaving only one key supporter himself. Despite all odds, Gift continues to prove himself a future legend.

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