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Every once in a while the conveyer belt of talent churns out something innovative, and authentic. Diamond The Body is a multi-talented rapper, and entrepreneur who stumbled upon a career in Hip hop simply by expressing herself. An exotic dancer turned writer turned rapper, the enigmatic queen fully embraces the allure of her enticing body and embraces the freedom of female sexuality and power.

Although influenced mainly by the immovable Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Diamond is positively unique, raw, unfiltered and hella talented. Having found the immovable passion to pursue music Diamond The Body is proving to be unstoppable as she is currently charting on ITunes and as a believer in consistency and hard work she is churning out collaborations and world class productions that truly reflect her authentic self. Diamond The Body will have a profound effect on the industry with her multifaceted approach to music.

Diamond can be edgy and real which connects with audiences on a deeper level that not only entertains but also gives them a voice. Her sound is constantly evolving and exhibits not only her versatility and musical prowess but will surely pave the way for more women in Hip Hop. Diamond The Body is taking charge of the music industry by charting #21 on iTunes and #2 on Amazon. Diamond The Body is ready to change the status quo of the industry and show that she’s the total package that’s poised to take over!

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