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Belal Awad is Surging to the Main Stage with Incredible Momentum 


We discussed the projects and plans for Belal Awad and his team going into the next year. 

How has your music been impacting your life?
It’s been such a great outlet to create amazing tunes and melodies. I love sharing my vibe with everyone around me. 

Music is my way of creating and putting my emotion into something that motivates me to wake up and hit the studio. 

It’s why I’m able to put up a smile on my face each day. It’s really such a hectic life, but I truly enjoy getting booked for shows and putting on a performance using my music. 

It’s really awesome honestly, seeing a crowd react to a drop that we all loved in the studio come to life.

What made you begin producing EDM?
It was listening to old-school big rave tracks growing up. Darude, Swedish House Mafia, and Daft Punk were some of my biggest inspirations. 

Going to EDC a few times, and shows out in LA made me feel the culture and it shook me to my core. I knew music was going to be a huge part of my life after some of those moments. 

I came back after one EDC and couldn’t get off my laptop. Doing research on what equipment to get. Figuring out what music production classes I could use would really help me take my first steps toward becoming a great DJ.

What is a set like with you?
It’s going to be exciting and energize you and your rave squad. I’m dedicated to making each set bring new life to those that need it. 

I’m always searching for combinations of tracks I enjoy and how can I make them sound brand new or remix them or really get the crowd into the drop that’s about to hit them. 

I do my best for each set to make it a journey of highs and lows, bringing intense bouts of energy that makes it feel so connecting for the rave crowd to jump along too.

What motivates you to create?
Spending time in the studio I’m always motivated by my last track. I’ll think it’s the best track ever until I begin creating my next one! I’ll feel motivated just working in the studio and every day is a new vibe. 

Keeps me feeling like I’ve done enough that day to really let my dreams become my reality. I will sometimes relisten to a set I’ve played in the past and go over it to see how I could’ve made a drop bigger or how I could’ve engaged my audience more. 

Who’s your dream collab b2b set with?
Oh, I would do a set with Skrillex. It would be a dub-house set and we would rock the rave world upside down. It’s his style and his ability on the decks are unmatched, he takes it past the production level into his performances. 

I think so many producers have looked up to him and being able to share decks with him would be next-level EPIC!

When can we expect your new music to release?
Expect an early release to start the year of 2023. Few different sounds are being worked on. I’ve got a few different vibe-out tracks I am currently trying to piece where they will fit together. But look forward to my new streams in 2023.

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