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Big Boy of Strength Cartel takes on a 13.5 foot ramp in front of Tony Hawk, earning respect


Big Boy is a heavyweight class athlete. He is the kind of guy that when walking in the street, most people would take notice of.  Behind his muscular physique is a true athlete, who shows amazing talents for someone of his size. Growing up, he was good friends with Ryan Sheckler who went on to become a world-famous professional skateboarder, and was known just as a kid who skateboarded a lot around their junior high school. Big Boy was a notable strength athlete and bodybuilder who is recognized worldwide for his achievements . Big Boy formed Strength Cartel known worldwide for their strength training programs, supplements and brand. Big Boy has always been athletic, and willing to promote his skills at just about any sport or activity to showcase the amazing abilities of bodybuilders to the world stage. A couple years back, when he wanted to prove that Big Men can skateboard and performed a heelflip at Venice Beach. It was then that Tony Hawk commented on it on his YouTube channel. When Sheckler saw Big Boy, he was inspired to get back into skating. He asked him if he had any suggestions on how he can get his enormous body back on a board. Big Boy decided it was time to try out a big ramp after a few practice runs on Sheckler’s ramp, then decided to promote the entire video on YouTube. Who has a big ramp? Tony Hawk. There is a 13.5-foot vert ramp, which isn’t usually skated on by people who weigh 335 pounds.In this amazing footage, it shows the epic battle unfold, Big Boy vs Big Ramp, you can look back at the footage and see who wins. Watch the video at 26:48 to see one of the heaviest slams you’ve ever seen.

Beyond these challenges, Big Boy is growing the Strength Cartel empire, proving to the world that you can truly access a world-class strength and conditioning routine, with one of the best guru’s within the industry.

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