Musically Milked Feature Story

Flip Willson Starts Online Business “FWGFX”


Photojournalist Flip Willson leaves NBC to start his new company FWGFX. Willson returned to the roots of his career – the music industry. Willson’s love for music and entertainment inspired him to create visuals and produce music that is affordable for fellow artists. Over the years, FWGFX has expanded and attracted artists from the hip hop industry and social media platforms like Instagram. Willson has worked with the likes of Yo Gotti, French Montana and Wale to mention a few. Willson’s online business is a one stop shop for music and entertainment visual content and music production needs. His newly designed studio is based out of Atlanta which allows Willson the ability to not only compose and record music, but also create visual content. His current project includes producing his new album titled “Mr. Willson.” (Links are provided below). With Willson’s talent and experience, his contributions will be notable in the music industry.

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