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Franco Junior’s “Crazy” streams over 1 Million listens, New EP coming soon!


Coming off an impressive 1 Million plus streams on Franco Junior’s song “Crazy” 

We finally had a chance to catch up with him and dig deep on his passion for music and what we can expect next?

What’s your background, where were you born and raised, how did you get into music:

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada I am mixed, of Korean-Italian heritage.  

From a young age I started to learn how to play classical violin and piano from my musically talented family. 

I switched to guitar when my mother told me that I’d be more popular with the ladies (Laughs)

Throughout high school, I participated in musical theatre and various alternative rock bands.

How did your background affect your journey and current situation?

During my formative years, my parents were the biggest influence in my artistic journey. The two of them met and fell in love at a Toronto art college specializing in visual art. As a Musician today, it is one of my biggest influences that has greatly shaped my approach —and where I can confidently attribute it to doing things differently from other artists. Being rooted in the visual has allowed me to explore creatively as an artist. When I write a song I think of a visual element to go along with it. When I first started, video production was something that fascinated me and I felt was complementary to creating music. Filming a music video was just as important as being in the studio making tracks. My idea of videos are similar to that of paintings —there are things that can be expressed with color and action that words cannot. Part of the success that I’ve experienced so far can be attributed to my visuals whether it is photography, videography, or mixed media. The commonality of the two, both media and songwriting is that it is a form of storytelling. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, so I spent a lot of time alone creating videos and making friends online. It’s the first time I ever experienced the power of connectivity with other artists and like-minded individuals that allow me to nurture my artistry.

What influenced me to become a Musician:

I love all types of music. As an artist, I’m fascinated by the composition and structure of other hit songs. Before becoming a DJ I would write many of my own songs —my obsession of wanting to write a hit song led me on a path of studying other hit songs. 

For me the best way to understand the song fully is to experience a song. Music is meant to be enjoyed and being an Artist allows me to fully control and immerse myself in that song. 

Was there a certain moment that was a turning point in your life:

The turning point in my life occurred when I realized that I couldn’t be everything that I wanted to be in a single moment. Things require focus if you want to see them done to fruition and I learned the hard way that doing too much will distract from reaching your highest goals. The turning point in my life can be signified by the switch from playing in bands to becoming a solo artist. Bands can be tricky —there are a lot of challenges, nuances, and compromises. It’s being in a relationship with five other dudes who all want different things or think what’s best for the band. DJing allowed me to find an alternative path to achieving my goals quicker and more effectively. Instead of waiting for others, I was able to execute what I thought was right and to assume more of a business mentality when it came to my art. Looking back on that experience I realize a lot of my unhappiness with where I was in my career was not being able to have a choice in a lot of situations that required a vote. I now feel freedom both artistically and financially.

How did that help you shift to who you are today?

This shift has allowed me to make quicker decisions and choices. Time is money. Quite literally. When things don’t move quickly enough, we miss out on opportunities. 

In music, you need all the opportunities that you can get. This mentality has given me countless of amazing experiences in the industry. For instance, as a Musician, DJ and Producer, I am able to work remotely and work with other artists globally. 

What can we expect next from Franco Junior?!

I’ve been testing out some new sounds and I feel like I am ready for the world to hear a new and improved focused Franco!

I’m slating for a release of my upcoming EP towards the end of 2022! And starting up my global tour in Spring of 2023!

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