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GoodVibeVilla Drops Rugged EP Featuring Single “Let it Go”


To quote Kool G Rap & Nas-Fast Life,”Livin’ the fast life, in fast cars,Everywhere we go, people know who we are. A team from out of Queens with the American dream,So we’re plottin’ up a scheme to get the seven figure cream.” As a baby of the golden-age of hip hop in the early 90’s, GoodVibeVilla can relate to these lyrics especially well. As a child, music was one of the only things that provided Luis with peace and an escape. As a hiphop product and a writer, he is a product of the written word. Hiphop roots, whether it originated from the streets of Oakland or the gritty halls of NYC slums, Cali hiphop can be the essence of realness, a place where an emcee can be completely vulnerable and still command respect.

There was an allure to GoodVibeVilla that rubbed off. When he was a teenager, Luis worked at Trap with his friends and spent a lot of time freestyling. To the world, this may sound like fun and games, but for Luis, it was the moment when he realized he wanted to pursue music.

When he escaped the ‘Trap,’ he went on to accomplish something big, ending up in Atlanta, Georgia. His craft was polished and his skills were honed and he was ready to take center stage. It was finally time for him to take the leap and move to Los Angeles, a city where dreams come true. In 2019, when he founded GoodVibeMusic, he was working on the music that was being worked on there when he founded it. Aside from releasing his own music on this platform, Luis created it as a way to provide aspiring musicians with a chance to turn their dreams into reality by achieving success in LA as a means of turning their dreams into reality. When he was a young artist, he built a network of other young artists with whom he shared songs in a studio he built with the purpose of inspiring and educating the masses about the importance of music. 

Aside from running GoodVibeMusic, Luis also owns a music studio called Deaf Star Studios in Atlanta, which is owned by Dundealtrak, another music company. However, this is not the end of his portfolio. Even though he makes music as a hobby, he is inclined to invest in convenience stores and small restaurants in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he lives. Furthermore, he has been contemplating stepping into the fashion world, and he has already developed a name for his venture, Plug Flavors, which he is considering launching. With his love for music and his exceptional talent he has dropped his initial EP, dropping three singles “Let It Go,” “Girls,” & “Grippin.” Already the EP has received rave reviews, and Villa plans on dropping part-2 of the EP this fall.

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