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Mandy Lemond Inspires Victims of Abuse by Giving Voice to Their Experiences


A person’s life is a journey of peaks and valleys, which can affect them at any moment. It is how we react when we are faced with the challenging situations of life that can give us a powerful insight into the heart, mind and character of a person. We should all empathize with people who are experiencing perilous circumstances because we understand what they are going through. It is clear that people are revered by our society, providing inspiration to anyone who falls on hard times, inspiring us to look back on our lives, in hopes that it will encourage us to persevere through adversity. Whenever you open a dictionary, it should refer to the story of Mandy Lemond under perseverance.

Most people can look back on their childhood with fond memories of golden moments, from their first steps to graduation from high school. A child witnessing the murder of their mother or father, while almost having their own life taken away, is difficult to comprehend. Let’s imagine that the child survived, only to be put into a foster home where they were abused physically and mentally. This is rarely a part of the “normal,” life narrative that is understood by the majority.

For Mandy Lemond, this is all part of her life story. She did not give up in spite of every single setback in her life, focusing on a better future throughout. Her story led her into television as an Emmy-winning producer, where she turned pain into a passion to educate and defend those who are defenseless within a system rife with problems that demand the cooperation of many to fix. She has spent her life raising awareness for children facing abuse by aggressors, many of whom were exonerated from any wrongdoing.

Now she’s opening up a new chapter in her life, releasing her memoir, titled “All Units,” which details how she deals with everyday life with a singular purpose of seeking to enable those within the same situation to remain hopeful in understanding that things can improve.

There is already buzz about the book, and it is set to be released this year. We look forward to the projects with which Mandy Lemond will be collaborating.

More About Author:

Mandy Lemond Emmy Award winning Producer.

Mandy Lemond now serves as a Coach and Motivational Speaker. Ms. Lemond helps others with her mantra of “Turn Your Mess, into a Message.”

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Instagram: @mandyalemond

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