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We had the pleasure of sitting with Nick Lavelle, taking social media and tours by storm. Nick Lavelle started doing events when he was a junior in college at WMU and gained momentum promoting the DBCO black party with friends at first, then slowly branching off to promote on his own for events. After doing many events in Detroit, he ventures out into, Atlanta,Miami, Ohio, Nashville & Texas. Nick was then asked to preform all over country being on 6 major tours including some with Jacquees, Ann Marie, Eric Bellinger, & being on Millennium Tour. 

So what is the secret? Nick Lavelle had one word- PLAN! “One of the biggest challenges is PLANNING.. getting certain schools & venues on board. Then finding the right artist to mix together to make the show run smooth!” His enthusiasm took away from how hard what he is actually doing because he makes it look so easy. Since he is his own box, Nick is also responsible for all the ins and outs as well. Nick talks about having to learn how to set a price point. “Knowing what you want to charge, who you want to promote & etc. it’s very stressful with everybody wanting to be apart of the situation but not really investing.” As Nick continues to take music by storm, he’s only getting better at recognizing the end goal. 

I asked Nick what would be one thing he would want people to know- his response was very interesting. “My message I’m trying to send is when artist isn’t getting booked create the opportunity for urself to be booked.. black own company goin to different colleges collaborating with different orgs & fraternities & sororities putting on dope shows” a good point to make when people just assume social media now can take us to new heights (which it can) but Nick emphasizes the important of making real organic connections. He touched on his creative process and how thinking of future events and knowing which artist college students want to see at each school. Not only has Nick opened up the door to stardom for himself but also giving other Artists opportunity to get on these shows as well. 

So what’s neck for Nick LaVelle? From releasing a new projectsoon, going on another tour with Eric Bellinger, then eventually putting a kids tour together over the summer and continuing to build his label and brand is all Nick sees. But how does one see if his vision is coming to light? Nick says the success of an event based on engagement, financial profits, the impact & how safe the event is as well as the buzz it has. “I stay aware by keepin my ears to the street & staying in tune with what’s goin on. Social media & etc keeps me in the loop”

While Nick has tunnel vision, we only have vision for him. We can’t wait to continue to see his rise to fame and where 2023 takes Nick Lavelle.


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