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NJ Gift  Presents “Future Legend,” Part-II LP Coming This Summer


Hip-hop’s golden age was largely defined between 1990 and early 2000. The industry was teeming with legends during this era, like lions roaming a safari. Since his early career, NJ Gift has been trained by industry artists to become a thoroughbred lyricist. The talent pool of emcees in New Jersey, as well as in New York, was thick with all-stars to contend with while growing up. Through this, NJ Gift was able to sharpen his pen, pushing himself to new levels, realizing  that to be the best,  you must be able  to compete  with the best.

While Payne found inspiration in music, he also found motivation from it while focusing on bigger goals. Freestyle emcees practice their freestyles every day. To be successful, they must be persistent, use their emotions as energy, and deliver consistent fire every time.”

In the hip-hop community, those who swing their swords of words for all to see bow down to them. An artist who is able to flow from the top, or who freestyle without preconceived notions or referring to pre-written material, is a true master. This is not a hollow statement, as NJ Gift has participated in and won hundreds of battle rap competitions in the past. Major labels have taken notice of his performances and have offered him deals.  Instead of signing with a record label, Nadir chose to take the risk on himself by forming “On My Grind Entertainment.”

NJ Gift’s current projects include his EP “Future Legend” Part-1, which includes tracks like “Slidin & Drillin,” “Rebellion,” & “Chainsmokerz,” reflecting the past and present of his life growing up in “The Brick City.” A second volume will be released in late summer titled ” Future Legend” Part-2. NJ Gift seeks out new and upcoming artists to feature as well as identify.

This years plans for NJ Gift to collaborate with award-winning videographers to create video content for his “Future Legend,” part-2 album, while marking his legacy for the years to come.

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