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Russian Crossover Artist J.Tim Releases Sophomore EP Titled “Miss The Love”


In the wake of his massive success with his debut album, Peter Andreevich Timofeev, aka J.Tim, drops his sophomore EP, “Miss The Love.” His roots are in the Ukraine and Germany, but he considers himself a Russian, giving him a unique artistic flavor that is indicative of an artist who is influenced by a wide variety of music genres, such as house, hiphop, pop, and trap, which have been infused into the music he creates. As well as music, J.Tim is passionate about dancing, having won the hip hop dance world championship in 2014.

In 2021, he released this album titled “All Styles,” which was a blend of house music and hiphop, such as Payboy Remix, as never heard from any Russian artist before, marking a new presence with Russian crossover that has received massive exposure across Moscow and Saint Petersburg, now receiving major reviews amongst fans in the US since J.Tim has made Los Angeles a second home and studio for his 2022 album “Miss The Love.”

Featuring a new wave style infused with pop and electronic R&B through his newest project, the artist has reached out to his fans to establish a closer relationship with them, and to focus more on the journey that it takes to be an artist, and to expand the fan base within the United States by releasing his latest album, Miss the Love. With pop tracks like “Kiss ,You Are Not Mine & Instagram Model” it is clear that J.Tim is an expert vocalist who has the range and versatility to be a global superstar. The aim of J.Tim’s EP is to mainstream his career by continuing to integrate the early recognition and accolades that he received from his first two projects with plans to release a full english version of the “Miss the Love,” in the very near future. 

Throughout the entire album, it can be seen that his creative talents are well integrated, as he plays a major role in the production of each track, the vocals, the writing, and the overall creative process, from start to finish, of the album. In 2023, he plans to concentrate on a world tour, as well as collaborating with major US artists for his upcoming album, which will be released in 2023.

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