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A brand new cinematic video by EeMontaga, Big Threat, from Never Goin Back EP, is launching an adrenaline jolting experience with masterful wordplay with shoutouts to anyone who might not be on the same level, that the king is headhunting. 

He spits, “ Bunch a killers on a mission strapped up nothin less than a k, get hold my hitters they don’t say nothing just move like charades, see my life like a maze, but I made it through the obstacles, bunch a ni$ga*$ at the round table talking business sorta like the mobstas do, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch we’ll kill you if we’re tired of 


“Big Threat” spotlights rappers in the game who haven’t done the work yet claim hood stripes they haven’t earned. With AK-level fire bars over a fast pace melody, the production conjures feelings of justice being served soon for a snitch or anyone who has been exposed as a fake. In the past few months, EeMontaga has made a big comeback and has been receiving major buzz both from labels and artists alike. It is safe to say that many have been put on notice or have taken a deep breath after listening to his tracks that spitters are back in 2022, everyone is put on immediate notice.

In the midst of his four-year prison sentence set-up for what was supposed to be a drug offense, he is taking the rap game by storm with Never Goin Back EP. EeMontaga’s return is more of a takeover, bringing his experience to life through a major cinematic experience of “Big Threats,” equipped with Hollywood style production that brings his story to the listener.

The video production credit goes to Nick Asenjo Films and Ceo Fees who came together with Eemontanga to create a digital masterpiece viewable on YouTube and other platforms. It appears that EeMontaga will not slow down in the near future as he has major plans to collaborate on numerous projects and collabs, planned throughout the year.

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