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The Rise of Cory Chamberlain: Launching Califatcat Magazine and Defying Expectations


Los Angeles and New York City – In a world of fast-paced media, Cory Chamberlain has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Recently, he launched Califatcat Magazine, a news and entertainment publication that brings together the laid-back feel of Southern California and the media expertise of Manhattan, offering unapologetic coverage of topics ranging from crucial news and business to entertainment and the arts.

Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York City, Chamberlain’s unique experiences in the media industry inspired him to create Califatcat. The name itself was born from a nickname given to him by his publicist clients, who saw his talent for blending both coasts’ distinctive characteristics.

Chamberlain is a firm believer in the power of talent and the opportunities it can unlock. In addition to serving as the chief editor and founder of Califatcat Magazine, he is also the editor and co-founder of MusicallyMilked, a publication focused on the music industry, emerging artists, and what they dub as “Milky Content.”

Driven to make a name for himself that is both respected and widely recognized, Chamberlain draws inspiration from Steve Jobs’ belief that “A chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.” His first foray into digital media came with Ace Pacific, a media agency that offers a platform for businesses, celebrities, and TV and podcast networks to share their stories.

Chamberlain believes that companies should prioritize pitching their stories to top-tier publications and pursuing TV guest appearances, rather than solely relying on paid advertising. Throughout his career, he has built valuable relationships with various media outlets, leveraging these connections to provide newsworthy stories, breaking news, and viral moments for his clients.

As a testament to his dedication and hard work, Chamberlain has built credibility, which has proven essential for securing early investment and making a lasting impression on potential backers. He understands the importance of demonstrating that a project’s internet buzz is authentic and reliable and that an established expert has thoroughly vetted a promising new venture.

At the core of Califatcat Magazine’s philosophy is the motto, “Your Voice Your Choice.” This principle emphasizes the importance of empowering individuals to be heard and push beyond their limitations. It also stands for objective journalism, granting contributors, journalists, and writers the freedom to express themselves without judgment.

In a world where “Cancel Culture” often restricts content, Califatcat aims to bring people together by allowing diverse points of view to be heard. Chamberlain believes that fostering a healthy dialogue through the magazine can lead to a more united and informed society.

With billions of eyes on social and digital media, the demand for fresh and engaging content is ever-growing. As a news media pioneer, Chamberlain continues to push the boundaries and bring people together through innovative and thought-provoking publications like Califatcat Magazine. As he expands his media empire, there’s no doubt that Cory Chamberlain will leave an indelible mark on the industry for years to come.

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